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I have downloaded X-Plane to my new iMac and will be receiving a Thrustmaster T16000MFCS joystick and will I just plug and fly? Or do I have to do something so I can use X-Plane? I'm new to this so any assistance will be greatly appreciated.



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Hi up&away123

I'm not with Laminar Research, just a fellow simmer, but I've checked in the X-Plane 11 file structure for my Windows version (I don't have MAC OS) and there is a T16000M joystick configuration file listed for MAC OS and the photo below, which hopefully is the joystick that you referring to?

If this is a USB device (which I believe it is?) then you simply plug it into your PC, start up X-Plane 11 and you should be prompted to calibrate the joystick on its first use. If you're not prompted, then go to the Settings/Joystick page and calibrate it there. 

Don't worry about setting the joystick up or trying to calibrate it within the MAC OS itself, as X-Plane 11 should do all of this for you. 

Furthermore, if you get any device drivers with the new T16000M joystick, then don't use these either, as again, X-Plane should take care of everything once you plug it in and open the application.


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Hi Buster,

 Welcome to X-Plane.

I am not with Laminar Research either; just a flight simmer from down under.

As Greengolfer15 has advised hardware has to be setup within X-Plane.  I have the Thrustmaster stick but not the throttle control.

Have a look at the answer I recently provided to another new flight simmer. The link can be found at  Disregard the brand name and follow the process.

If you have the throttle control that is associated with the joystick follow the same process as well.

The important message is not to double assign buttons to a process and vice-versa.  Not even between the joystick and the throttle add-on (if you have it).  You may need to leave a button assignment as not required.

Good luck.