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I am unable to get the TQ6 to work in X Plane 11 .I get a large red box telling me that multiple axes assigned to throttle 1, throttle 2 you controllers might not work correctly. If I move the flaps and speed brakes  handles on the controller they work

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There is at least one more controller or device plugged in that X-Plane is getting throttle axis assignments from. I have also seen "ghost" controllers show up in X-Plane if a Bluetooth controller has been used in the past (they have to be disconnected in bluetooth settings to go away).
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Hi I don't have a Bluetooth controller Can you tell me how to remove all throttle settings am hoping this will fix my problem
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You will need to find any axis that is assigned to any throttle axis. There is a device drop down & a view drop down that you should switch between to find all settings. Or unplug everything except the TQ6 joystick.

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