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I have been flying one throttle quadrant and want to add another for more realism in twin engine flight. Xplane 11 recognizes one quadrant but not the other....How do I set this up? Thanks

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Does Windows recognize both quadrants ? I'm using 2 Saitek quadrants with X-11 myself with no problem, just calibrate and assign.
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No. As soon as I plugged in the usb quadrant, the computer defaulted to the usb device (which is plugged in to the yoke) and "forgot" the pc/2 (circular plug) quadrant. I can't get the computer to recognize the original pc/2 quadrant at all anymore. It was working fine prior to plugging in the second usb throttle. I have an extra yoke and throttle quadrant, so I plugged those in thinking that it might be hardware... but still no go. The usb throttle quadrant works fine now but the original pc/2 one is dead. Any ideas??

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