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I'm running X-Plane 10.51 on a 2011 MacBook Pro and its crashes constantly. Most of the crashes occur a few seconds after I make the first movement with my joystick/throttle. Recently however, it's been crashing less than a second after it's fully loaded and ready to fly. I tried restarting my computer but that doesn't seem to be working. Does anyone have any advice?

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Hi, can you try and delete (or move for backup) the whole following folder :

X-plane 10\Output\Preferences
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Also make sure X-plane is installed somewhere you don't have any permission issue.

Laminar Research recommends to place X-plane 10 on the desktop (a cut/paste will do to change X-plane location).
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Hi B787-9,

Although the specs for your unit provided by Dr Google indicate that XP10 should operate I would suggest that your system has inadequate cooling ability and subsequently crashes as soon as you start XP as you have indicated.

The CPU and GPU generates excess heat and is the reason additional cooling is required in any system for XP.  Laptops should be of "gaming" ability.

Hope this helps


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