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In a new flight after i get to cockpit the game stops working. Sometimes in joystick calibration page the game crashes without any messages either. My longest playtime is 3-4 minutes without any crashes for once. I can't play the game.

System specs: Intel Core i5 [email protected], Nvidia GTX 770 2GB @1201mHz, 16 GB DDR3 RAM, Windows 7.

Log.txt in attachment

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You can always do a Integrity check of the files under Steam. If that doesn't fix it, you can try to renew your preferences folder. And you may try also reinstalling your video card drivers, just in case.
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Hi guys, it also crashes on mac too.

I have a MacBook Pro (Retina, 15-inch, Mid 2015)

processor 2.5 GHz Intel Core i7

memory 16 GB 1600 MHz DDR3

graphics Intel Iris Pro 1536 MB
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Hi, can you play with the mouse (no joystick plugged) and no crash?