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I'm getting the following error when loading or flying to airports in roughly the norther half of the United States. This also happens in Europe.

0:20:06.612 I/SCN: DSF load time: 4236633 for file Global Scenery/X-Plane 11 Demo Areas/Earth nav data/+40-130/+47-123.dsf (281579 tris)
0:20:44.257 E/SYS: +-------------------------------------------------------------------------------
0:20:44.257 E/SYS: | There was a problem loading the scenery package:
0:20:44.257 E/SYS: | Custom Scenery/Global Airports/
0:20:44.257 E/SYS: | The scenery may not look correct.
0:20:44.257 E/SYS: | Please see the log.txt file for detailed error information.
0:20:44.257 E/SYS: | (io_dsf.cpp:643)
0:20:44.257 E/SYS: +-------------------------------------------------------------------------------
0:20:44.257 I/SCN: DSF load time: 3925 for file Custom Scenery/Global Airports/Earth nav data/+40-130/+47-125.dsf (0 tris)

Pretty sure I am missing a file or that the file(s) causing this are corrupt.

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Hi, you should run the installer again.