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I have a new X-Plane 11.00 installation running on a iMac 27 Retina system.  I installed scenery for KLAS, KPHX, KDEN and KLAX.  All the scenery packages work fine - except for the KLAX package - which generates a message that there was a problem loading the software.  I have looked at the log file, and I see a number of messages about not finding objects referenced in the package - followed by the error message.  I have experimented with the graphics settings with inconsistent results.  I have attached the log file.  Maybe someone can give me a hint about what is going on.  


imageDownload file


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You are missing the "static and animated aircraft" library, which you can download here :

Tell us if it fixes the problem..
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Thanks - that was it. I should have looked for the installation instructions which said the same thing.

This scenery really kills frame rate - I had to back textures off to Medium to get good frame rates while at the airport.  None of the other airport packages seem to have this problem - and the KLAS Glitter Gulch has a lot of objects too.  I get 90 FPS once I am in the air away from the airport.

Thanks again.

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If you have shadows activated in the settings  , you can deactivate them and it will help a lot to improve the frame rate. I can't give you any further advice because i don't have this scenery. It is payware, isn't it?
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Shadows are not on.  It is payware.  I can't really tell any difference with the graphics settings backed off a little so it is not a big issue.  The settings screen shows the size of the textures loaded and the issues seem to occurs when this is more than 2Gig.  My graphics has 2Gig of memory.  I'm running at very high resolution with the 27 inch Retina display and it looks very nice.