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I know this was asked before but I don't seem to find a solution to my problem.  Attached is my log.txt.

My problem is that everytime I plan, create a flight within Europe, I got the above message but not when I fly within the US or Asia.  This was not the first time I got this error message.  One occation what when I took off from OMDB enroute to EGCC.  I was on my approach to EGCC when I got the same message.  But I did continue my final approach to RWY23R when the scenery went gray and I can only see some black boxes which I believe are the bldgs but I can't see the runway.

Here is what I did last night.  I was configuring my Zibo 737-800 from EHAM to EGLL.  Everything was alright until I started to pushback then I got this error message.  I never took off and did not continue my flight after that.  As I said this only comes when I fly within Europe.


Max Barawid Jr.


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We think we have a fix for this. It will be available in the 11.30 update, still forthcoming.
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Many thanks for the reply.  Looking forward for the new update.

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