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Hello and greetings from Holland 

After a trial of X-Plane 11, I decided to go for the real-game. I did buy the download because I think the use of DVD's will disapear in the near Future. Download and installing didn't give me any problem. 

After about 30 years of FlightSimulator from Microsoft, there was a lot to learn. I did look also at the file structure of X-Plane. Its quite different, but after a while I get used to it. 

There is a possibility, that I have done something with the file: "X-Plane Pilot.txt". It did look to me like a normal *.txt - file, but later on, I became aware of the fact, that this is the place were you can find a history of the flights that were made! 

Every time of making a flight it is placed at the bottom of it. 


Some time after that, I did get problems after each update. 

The problem was receiving a message of problems with the file: 

"X-Plane Pilot.txt". The message was the following; 





ouf_open: We are getting a file string that is not X-System relative! 

This is illegal! All paths must be X-System relative! 

The path in question is: 


E:\X-Plane/X-Plane 11/Output/logbooks/X-Plane Pilot.txt 




I did not understand the meaning of the message. I clicked it away and the program started fine and flying was possible. Later on, I decided to remove the "X-Plane Pilot.txt". Each time I used the program, there was made a new file, so I did thought to have found a solution. 

That was it, until the last update. First I got the message: 




The file could not be saved. Check that the directory still exists 

and is not flagged read-only. 

E:\X-Plane\X-Plane 11/Output/logbooks/X-Plane Pilot.txt 

The file may be flagged as read-only. 

Change the permission on the file so it's not read-only, or 

create the folder listed in the file path. 





I did look at the Properties of the file and yes it was 'read only'. 

I did undo the 'read only' and restarted the game. 

It started fine, until I did choose a plane. Direct after that I do  get the next announcement: 





ouf_open: We are getting a file string that is not X-System relative! 

This is illegal! All paths must be X-System relative! 

The path in question is: 

E:\X-Plane/X-Plane 11/Output/logbooks/X-Plane Pilot.txt 





The number '1274' changed in '1334' and I saw the new word 'Understood'. The only option left is to click on 'Understood'. 

But that ends the program! It repeats at loading again! 

Is there an other solution of this problem than reinstalling the hole game? 

Anyone would make me happy with a suitable solution. 


I would like to thank you for the demo's, that you organised in 

Holland in Lelystad. I was present in at least two of them. 

The game has begoming a real good FlightSimulator and I like flying 

with it very much. Thnx. 


My attention is to send the pictures of the announcements, the 'log.txt' and  png-files and one of the "X-Plane Pilot.txt"-files. 





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Hi, can you try and cut/paste X-plane 11 folder directly into E:/ ?
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Hi Amelingu. Thanks very much for your working suggestion. I produced a fully answer and pushed the wrong button, so byby to my answer. I have had it for the moment after I lost the answer in the clouds. I come back on it soon. Thnx sofar. Alcoflyer
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Hi Amelingu. I saw your domicile is in La Douce France. My French is bad, but bon soire. I did what you suggested and changed the place of the folder. It's now E:\X-Plane 11\  (\Output\logbooks\X-Plane Pilot.txt) for example. After that I started X-Plane and got a announcement of a problem with "xassign". The members of my club already told me, that that application is now intecrated in X-Plane, so I removed the application. I clict it away and YES the Simulator did work again. So I flew a short trip with a Cessna 172. I'm very happy with your answer. There are still some challenges. I still do get the announcement of the "X-Plane Pilot.txt", but it's still like "E:\X-Plane\X-Plane 11/Output/logbooks/X-Plane Pilot.txt". I find that very strange, because I changed the place of the folder. I also find out, that the basic head folder is "read only". So what I tried was, change all folders. It took some time, but it was done. But after one flying session it was "read only" again. The only file that wasn't, is my problem folder: X-Plane Pilot.txt". But this file is still not changed with the flying session I did fly. 
I thought maybe I can find the textstring: "X-Plane/X-Plane 11/Output". I did find it in "Miscellaneous.prf", in the folder "E:\X-Plane\X-Plane 11/Output/preferences". I try to sent the files: "Miscellaneous.prf" and the tatest log.txt. I hope you will look at it, to try finding a solution. Thanks very much from Haarlem, Holland. 


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Good evening Holland :)

I'm not sure I understand very well.

Confirm you have no folder E:\X-plane anymore, but only E:\X-plane 11 ?

Make sure there is no file in "read only" mode. I think it's possible to apply the change to a big number of files and folders at once, but I couldn't describe how to do it now. You could probably find the answer on Google, on other forums.

Anyway, it rather looks like X-plane is looking for a file in a wrong place because the path hasn't been updated.

You could try and delete (or move for backup) the following file:
E:\X-plane 11\Output\Preferences\Miscellaneous.prf

Restart X-plane and the error message might disappear.
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Bon soir Amelingu. At the first place, you gave me the right suggestions; THANK YOU VERY MUCH. The last suggestion did work! The problem is solved. I will make a full story for you soon, but I think it's to late now. I realy come back on this case. Greetings from Alco, Haarlem, Holland.
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Wonderful! I'm happy I could help you with this :)
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Hi Amelingu. Bon soir. First I do confirm, I don't have a folder "E:\X-plane" anymore, but only "E:\X-plane 11". // I told you before that in the file "Miscellaneous.prf" I found the string
"E:\X-Plane\X-Plane 11/Output/logbooks/X-Plane Pilot.txt". What I tried was to change that string in: "E:\X-Plane 11/Output/logbooks/X-Plane Pilot.txt". It appeared to work,
because the message was also changed. Then I made a copy of the file:
"Miscellaneous.prf". After that I removed the file completely and did start X-Plane 11 again. The wonderfull news was, that it did workout. Now X-Plane 11 has made a new "Miscellaneous.prf" -file. This file is a lot shorter then the old one, but as long as the program works, I don't mind. In the near future I attend to look into this file, to see how its developping, just because I'm interested. The other nice thing what happens is in the file: "X-Plane Pilot.txt". After each flight there is a new line at the bottum of this file, that shows the latest session. So all is fine. I can fly without strange messages. I can go on learning more about X-Plane 11. Thanks again very much. You have helpt me to find a solution to use X-Plane 11 in a normal way. Happy greetings from Haarlem,
Holland. Alco Greenplace.
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Thank you for giving further explanations, this is all very clear now. :)

I'm sure it will help more people. About that, do you think you could edit your answer and add more tags, so that this thread can be as accessible as possible through the search engine?