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I have recently bought x plane 11 off steam and my first start took two hours. It then started to speed up and work properly. After 4 start ups I have encountered an issue where when loading the game play the loading freezes at finishing asynchronous loading. The plane icons have also disappeared and their liveries. I don't know if it makes a divergence but I have bought a new yoke. It does work as I have tested it on FSX. It would be great if you could help. Thanks
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Hi there,

Please attach a copy of the log.txt from the X-Plane root folder:

  • Start STEAM. Goto LIBRARY.
  • Right click on your X-Plane 
  • Choose Properties.
  • In the rising window choose LOCAL FILES.
  • And than choose BROWSE LOCAL FILES.
  • Now you are in the X-Plane Main (Root) Folder and you see the path in your file explorer.
Did you make sure your computer meets the minimum requirements to run the sim?
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Thanks a lot for your answer. My computer passes the requirements and had run the game before. Pretty strange. I am trying your suggestion now thanls
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Here is the log.txt

thanks again

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Just wondering if you have any news. Thanks
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I don't see any obvious culprits in the log.txt, such as a ton of plugins or custom scenery add ons. If it has worked before I would recommend resetting your preferences to defaults to see if that gets you flying again:

Go to the Output folder (in the X-Plane root folder) & move or rename the entire preferences folder. If that doesn't help, you can put it back.