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Hello, I have a problem on the horizon. (Please see the image below).

If I put the visibility full, the bug diseappear. In the case of that image the visibility is 20km.

I tried to uninstall the simulator but still not working.

Please help me.




Log Txt:


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Hi, can you include your X-plane 11/log.txt file?
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Well.. ok. Can you load X-plane in order to see what you show on your screenshots, then close X-plane, and then upload the log.txt?
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The file was created when I made the captures

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That's very strange because the log.txt you included reports no scenery loading.
Does it happen with X-plane default scenery, or is it a modified tile?

I suggest you run the installer to see if any file needs to be fixed.

If no luck, can you try and install a second clean copy of X-plane? With just the area of scenery where you see that. It's important to check if this is caused by X-plane or by third party addons or plugins.

Browse the forum because I remember a similar topic. The search engine on top of the page might help. Sorry I can't give more help for now. (I'm not part of Laminar Research)
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I already had that problem and solved it easily.

This happens when you add some meshes or other stuff in the Custom Scenery folder. 

  1. Quit XP
  2. Remove the scenery_packs.ini file from the Custom Scenery folder.
  3. Relaunch XP.
  4. Quit it again.
  5. Relaunch it.
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I did that, but not work.

Is strange because only appear when I reduce the visibility.
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I can't help you better than that.

Here's the topic where I had the same issue:
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Nice, that's the topic I was thinking about.

Still, you should definitely try a second clean install of X-plane (with no additional addon).

To do this, simply launch the installer and follow the appropriate steps. The installer can be downloaded here :
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I tried all, but not work.

I do not what to do.
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I had the same problem and commented on branislavmilic's post with a workaround I found when digging around:

What I failed to do was update that post that the latest FlyWithLua "Complete" version is needed to set those unsupported art datarefs. I'll do that shortly: I have the fix working, but there's been no reply from Laminar about whether it's a bug or not.

I hope that helps,