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Hi all,

I am presently using XP11, latest version, recently updated.

I keep getting crash to desktop, nothing in the log.txt file that I can understand properly.

My system is as follows;

i7 4.5k overclock to 4.62

GTX1070 8 GB


X Plane 11 is installed on a dedicated drive.

There is a constant stream of reports in the log.txt relating to SASL but I do not know what they mean or relate to. I am seriously at a loss and can someone please help and offer some support.

log.txt is attached.

Many thanks,



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Hi, you have so many third party addons and plugins, and the crashes could come from any of them, or even a combination of addons.

You need to discover where this crash comes from, try and find out how to reproduce this bug. A good start would be to install a clean copy of X-plane (it can be a second copy) and install one by one your addons with tests in between. The crash is very likely to come from plugins. Once you've discovered what triggers the crash, you should contact the appropriate developer. Personnaly, I would suspect gizmo to be involved, but it is just a totally arbitrary guess.
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Thanks for the speedy response. I will try what you have suggested. I have found that this error also occurs with the Flight Factor 757-200 and I am not sure yet if that aircraft dev uses Gizmo.

I will check it out and then get back to this post so that others may see how the issue is resolved, if at all.

Appreciate it,