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I am unable to control the X-Plane 11 Cessna 172 when landing with a crosswind.

I eventually set CAVOK at EGBJ and added a wind layer at 0 feet, 15 knots from due north.

I am unable to perform a straight in, wing-down approach to runway 27: there has some crabbing because I'm at full left rudder (right ailerons). Sure enough, there's nothing left for further rudder control and I slew off the runway to the right (into the wind).

I've tried with various flap settings. I can take off: the prop gives me enough rudder authority to set off.

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Hi David,

On landing you can use power from the engine to help align yourself with the runway again, Also if you look at the 172 POH it should tell you what the maximum wind speed you can land crosswind is and also other helpful information like that. Just search the internet for Cessna 172 POH and it should come up. Hope this helps :)

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Hi, in my opinion, crosswind has too much effect on the LR C172 when taxying. But I haven't been able to demonstrate that yet.
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Hello Cailean,

I thought about using the engine once on the ground, to get enough control to align with the runway, but then I thought that can't be right, can it? Tens of knots and increase the power during a landing run out: that's problematic to make normal run outs, let alone short field landings. I've been looking at a few videos on the net, and it looks like they pull the power back, not feed it in.

I chose 15 knots as the maximum demonstrated crosswind from the C172 POH. It's not limiting, apparently, and I figured that it should be doable.

Thanks for getting back to me so quickly!

Hello amelingu, I can taxi with the 15 knot crosswind using ailerons into the wind and elevator and rudder as needed, so there's something happening when the aircraft is rolling at speed with minimal propwash. I can't figure it out!

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Hi David,

Yes I wasnt meaning it like putting constant power in rather just using blips to get you re aligned. Also something that could help is aligning either left or right of the runway depending on crosswind direction so by the time you get close enough to the runway you have moved across and inline with the runway ready for landing. I also tried with the same conditions as you explained and in my opinion I think the same as Amelingu with the kinda unrealistic effects on the aircraft.

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Unless you fly with very specific classic gear aircraft, there is usually no need to add power to improve rudder efficiency. Especially at 15 knots crosswind which is not that much. Maybe you could upload a video of what happens for you, and display rudder, aileron, elevator, and trims values. I might do that too one day.
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Hi Amelingu,

I wasnt meaning it as improving rudder efficiency but to actually get you either upwind or back inline with the runway. Also I might try and upload a video of it one day but might not be for a while because ive been busy lately.