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Can't find any info on using the auto-pilot on the p180. It looks rather different than the auto-pilots in all tutorials I've seen. Tutorials always use some big commercial jet. The p180 seems to have no airspeed setting. I'm not even sure that it has an altitude setting. If it does, it must be that small, odd ball, altitude instrument that is physically separate from the main auto-pilot panel at the top of the instrument panel.

I can load VORs, airports, altitudes, etc, into the FMC and activate the path. I"ve tried setting the autopilot selector switch to Nav1, Nav2, and GPS, (after tuning for the first landmarks anyway)  but none of them seem to work. I've tried all the options on the auto-pilot panel, but none of them seem to work. You take off, set the flight director on, and the auto-pilot goes off on some mission of its own. I don't know where it is getting its info from, but it's not even close to what is in the FMC.

Also, why does the autopilot have a GPS option when there seems to be no GPS panel as there are in other planes???

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You need to set the flight director to AUTO. If you want to fly a flight plan from the FMC set the selector switch to GPS and press LOC and VNAV. If you want to fly without the FMC leave the selector switch at NAV1. Happy flying.