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I downloaded the Boeing 737-800 from Zibo mod. 

But when I enter an Icao code at Ref Airport "no data found". Can you help me there? But this works on the standard boeing. I bought the game on steam. Here I have a picture below hung underneath







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Hi Dennis,

It's possible the airport doesn't exist in X-Plane. I didn't see the ICAO you tried anywhere in the image. Did you try one like KSEA to see if it is just the specific ICAO you tried? Do you see this issue with the default FMS in the default airliners?
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I wanted to enter the Icao code EDDF, but then came (not in database). on my standard boeing 737 I can enter everything. also with the Icao code KSEA comes the message (not in database) ...
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EDDF is a valid ICAO that is in the X-Plane airport database. My guess is that the aircraft version you are using has not been set up correctly per this article. In the 11.02 update & later, aircraft filter airports based on certain Plane Maker criteria.