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I am a small aircraft pilot and I am always flying at Honda Airport(RJT1).
With your update this time, Honda Airport(RJT1) has improved very much.

Modifying the position of the runway and improving the parking space seems to be so real.

I was surprised to see that vending machines in the view spot!

PAPI lights are combinations of red and white. It is perfect if you only modify here.

Thank you!
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Hi, this work was done by Kumatanu :


It is not possible, yet, to place a PAPI with only 2 lights. I hope, definitely, that this is in the todo list of WED 1.7 and X-plane 11.10.

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Please make a bug report here whenever you see things like this. That will alert the artist or let the next person who works on the airport know what needs to be fixed.

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