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I have loaded all the scenery for x plane 11, but when for example I go to London Heathrow it says there is no scenery only water so would I like to load the scenery for the area, even though I have, but if I select yes it loads 0Mb.

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Hi, can you include 2 things :
-Your X-plane 11/log.txt, right after loading a flight at EGLL
-The installer log.txt you should find on your desktop
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Also, can you download X-plane installer from here :
Launch it and look for updates? This way every file will be scanned and replaced of needed.

If it still doesn't work, run the installer, choose add or remove scenery, remove Europe.
Run the installer one more time and add Europe.
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Check if scenery is installed. Go to properties then DLC tab and see if there's a checkmark on the scenery you want. If no then mark it and it will download automatically. If yes then try to verify the integrity of files. You'll find it under local files tab.
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Hi ! Would you please tell me where i find PROPERTIES and DLC TAB ? Ive already download all global (took me almot 27 hours) and I still have MISSING SCENERY when try to fly from PANC - Anchorage.
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Click with right mouse button on the XP11 in your library and choose properties. This is for steam. If you have non-steam version i don't know what to do.
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No steam version.

Anyway thank you.