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I can't find a way to use (say) a keyboard mapping to control the up/down on the small and large right hand

knobs on the x-plane 530 GPS that comes with the stock Baron.

Is there any other way that is more plausible for setting a waypoint (say to an unpublished hold) while in the air?

Failing this is there an alternative gps that I can refit into the Baron model that will work without having to mouse about?


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Take a look at the keyboard settings. There are a lot of options under Navigation & Radios > GPS > G430 for example that can be assigned to keys instead of using the mouse. You can set COM/Nav coarse or fine to up or down, or chapter up or down, or even page up or down. If is most likely one of those options that will control the knob functions you're looking for.
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Sadly none of those controls the required knob.  I tried all of those, and all of the corresponding hopefuls under gps 1000 as well, prior to posting this question.

I've been able to set all the nav and com radios using the key bindings but have struck out completely on the lower right knob on the gps.  If anyone has a suggestion I've missed please let me know.


Ok, I misspoke.  It turns out I'd not tried the two key commands, viz page and chapter.

These 4 bound to their own up and down keys fixes things as I was hoping.    Your conjecture that one of those options would work was correct.