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I can very successfully keyboard map the G430/G530 rotary controls for NAV1/2 & Com1/2 etc., as well as certain controls in the G1000, but the same method does not seem to work for the G430/G530 GPS rotary control, despite trying numerous times.

Please advise if it possible to do this in X Plane 11.25?

I was trying to map the Page Up, Page Down, Home and End buttons to operate the GPS rotary control, as these were not already assigned.

Kind regards Paul Fisher

PS I do not appear to have the option of attaching the Log.txt file on this web page???

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If the Page-Up/Down, Home, End keys aren’t working, try using SHIFT-Page-Up, SHIFT-Home etc.

I seem to have the same difficulty; I suspect some plugins (such as XSquawkBox) may be intercepting those very keys for interactive text line entry.