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I run X-Plane 10.42 64-bit global on a 4k screen (Samsung U28E590), which means Windows itself is running on 4k.
I would like to run X-Plane at 1080p since my graphics card (GTX 680) is not that strong.
When I attempt to go to fullscreen to apply the resolution (1080p 32-bit, 60Hz), the screen begins to flicker really bad (see this video):
I already tried to solve this problem by running Windows itself at 1080p but when doing so, I can enter fullscreen mode inside X-Plane but I cannot click on anything which means that I am unable to exit the settings.
After I click a couple of times on the "x" to close the settings, it suddenly works and X-Plane will go back to a window but actually in fullscreen mode which means that I haven't got any bar or something to minimize, resize or do anything else.
The only thing I can do is to quit X-Plane and retart it, then it's back to window mode and I can resize the window.
The driver of the graphics card is up to date (361.75).
Thank you for any help that will solve this problem!

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Hi there,

I am somewhat in a similiar position. I have a 4k and my old 1600x1200, which I run as a secondary monitor. I can´t go "fullscreen" either, because then X-Plane tries to use "both" monitors... Also the GUI does not scale, so it is really hard to read the menus at 4k.

As far as I know, these are known problems at Laminar, and its on the oh-too-long list of fixes and tweaks they intend to do.

It can not hurt to file a bug with them (google X-Plane bug report), but maybe also try to go fullscreen at another refresh rate (not 60Hz)?

Good luck, Jan
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Thanks for your answer, I tried to use another refresh rate but it did not work.

I also use a secondary monitor (17", running at 1280x1024) but X-Plane does not seem to try to use it. Never did so in the past either.

I will file a bug report, thanks again anyway, I appreciate it! :)


Cheers, Dominik