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I've seen people use this in xp11 though it's for xp10. I have also included my log. I mainly purchased this for the architexture and beacause it had autogates. The airport is the Pilot Plus Geneva airport.

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Hi, you must have missed something in the installation process. Make sure you follow all the installation instructions. There is a good chance you find them included in your package. The log.txt puts you on track, it does not mean it's the only mistake :

0:01:57.003 E/SCN: Failed to find resource 'polygons/Geneva_Orthophoto_1_1.pol', referenced from scenery package 'Custom Scenery/Pilot Plus - LSGG Geneva Airport V1.0/'.
0:01:57.003 E/SCN: Custom Scenery/Pilot Plus - LSGG Geneva Airport V1.0/Earth nav data/+40+000/+46+006.dsf:
0:01:57.003 E/SCN: The art asset 'polygons/Geneva_Orthophoto_1_1.pol' could not be found.
0:01:57.003 E/SCN: DSF canceled due to missing art assets, file=Custom Scenery/Pilot Plus - LSGG Geneva Airport V1.0/Earth nav data/+40+000/+46+006.dsf, err=15 (dsf_ErrCanceled).

Moreover, you have 2 LSGG folders in custom scenery. Make sure they are not in conflict.
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Sorry to state this but I have no idea what it mean is I would love to have a step by step toturial.
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What it means is :  X-plane is missing the following file :
.../x-plane 11/Custom Scenery/Pilot Plus - LSGG Geneva Airport V1.0/polygons/Geneva_Orthophoto_1_1.pol

A step by step tutorial probably already exists in .../x-plane 11/Custom Scenery/Pilot Plus - LSGG Geneva Airport V1.0 or on the page where you purchased this scenery.

Not owning it myself, i can't give you more help.
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Thank you I had a few other files called LSSG and had the same scenery file number I removed them and the airport loaded in.

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