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On recents XP11 releases, I noticed that the view from cockpit on runway show an incorrect altitude while rolling. Sometimes, the aircraft is nearly entering the runway surface, sometimes the same aircraft is obviously too high.

I use sceneries generated with Ortho4XP, which means a different mesh than the standard XP mesh.

Besides that, XP11 now requires the Global Scenery dsf tiles to be present in the folder even if they are fully masked by the Ortho4XP Custom Scenery, otherwise XP complains and show only water despite the Custom Scenery should appear. It was not like that some times ago.

I suspect that the plane altitude above ground is now incorrectly computed in reference to the global scenery mesh. It should be computed in reference to the Custom Scenery when this one uses a non-overlay  dsf..

I also mention that my configuration uses 2 computers, the main one for instruments panel and the second for additional displays. The incorrect altitude shows on both machines.

Thank you for helping because, besides that I love XP11.
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I found the probable reason myself: it was a misconfiguration between my 2 computers.


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