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When I get to cruise altitude I get a message of cabin altitude and a few seconds later my pilots just blackout and I can't do anything againt it. What to do?!
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Hi, can you include your log.txt?
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Well I found the problem it's that my cabin altitude or something is not right. I keep getting the message of cabin altitude. What to do to fix this?

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It has to do with pressurisation system.
Maybe resetting all failures could help.
In what aircraft do you have this problem?
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B737 and I know it has skmething to do with pressurizating but I don’t know where to fix this and I have failures off
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Can you send a screenshot of your overhead panel?
Have you checked the tutorial videos on youtube? There are certainly several ones.
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Could you send a link for that?
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I think you should rather look for it yourself, you will be much more efficient.

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