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Hi.  This app is such a great app, but I want to purchase more planes.  I tapped the button, did my fingerprint to confirm the purchase, then asked my parents by pressing ask.  (I’m in an iCloud family).  But if they don’t accept it, then the button in X-Plane that once said the price of the plane now just says “Buying...” making it impossible to repurchase it.  Please, please, help! This is such an amazing game.  Btw I’m on an iPad mini 2 running iOS 11

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Update: I just paid 5$ for a plane but it STILL wouldn’t work.  Please.  I really want this to work.

Update: The plane purchase did go through after I restored purchases but my original issue is still happening
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Hello! I’ve sent an mail and talked in iMessage about this same issue that I have, they said that they can make some bug fixes but they won’t answer to my mail, but I hope they really fix this because I really want to use the 737 and the Sikorsky S-76.

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I'm not sure what the original issue was. It sounds like you weren't able to complete a purchase, but then using the restore purchases button did fix it.

If a plane hasn't registered that you purchased it, I would try completely quitting the app by double pressing the home button and swiping up on the app to close it out of background processes as well. That might reset the plane status.
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In case you're encountering issue with the in-app purchases on X Plane I will recommend you installing them from third party app stores like Appvn, Tutuapp and Tweakbox. I've been using them on my iPad Pro running iOS 11.3.