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so i bought the boeing 777 and i dont like it ive bought it just today and i dint like it, if i push the restore purchase button nothing happens. Ive used this apple idea the whole time a bought it on this i pad so yeah......

I want to restore my purchase but i can’t, can anybody pls help, i already did everything like everyone said but nothing worked, pls help me.

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Hi Cas,

I am not with Laminar Research; just a flight simmer from downunder.

What I interpret your problem is you have purchased a third party product which does not suit your needs.

You are raising your concerns in the wrong forum.  This site is dedicated to the X-Plane software developed by Laminar Research.  Laminar does not sell or develop aircraft.

What do you mean by "...i already did everything like everyone said but nothing worked,.."? This forum currently has 390 pages of questions and answers and I became involved when there were only 8 pages.  In the 382 pages added since I have read every Q&A issue and not seen your problem. 

I am of the opinion that you should be taking your problem back to the reseller to solve your problem.

Good luck.