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while testing the XP11 Demo I found out about the multi monitor feature - yay!

This in mind I'd like to built my own little simpit and I am now looking for a way to lock a single 3D view on a screen (e.g. the gauges of a 3D plane cockpit) while the other monitors display the rest but still movable (using a hat switch, TrackIR...) cockpit.

Is there a (hidden) feature to lock a single screen?

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No there is no hidden feature to do this. The only way would be with multiple computers running their own copies of X-Plane. You would need to purchase a license for each one.

Otherwise, if you only have one computer, X-Plane is limited to one view. You can adjust the monitors by using the visual offsets settings.
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Hi and thank you very much for your feedback.

What a bummer. But nonetheless the multi monitor option is a great improvement.

Maybe a lock screen feature goes to a "in the future maybe feature list? ;).


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Is this still the case for XP11 as well?