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Clearly Mac OS High Sierra has made the operation of X-Plane 11 challenging and frustrating if not outright obsolete.  All of us who use X-Plane 11 and have upgraded our Macs to OS 10.13 (High Sierra) are awaiting an update containing a fix from Laminar.  To the Laminar folks, this cannot come quickly enough for those of us who love X-Plane and are also using Apple's latest version of the Mac operating system.  Thanks in advance for promptly jumping on this issue.
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Hi. Apologies but I am new to Mac's and very new to X-Plane- I am just trying out the demo which I downloaded before the High Sierra update, didn't have much of a chance to play about with it, now post-update I have come to try it in earnest for the first time and it's is unusably slow. Is that something I have done, or is that because of the High Sierra update ?

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Yes it is very frustrating especially when using X-plane as an aid to real world aviation. There doesn't seem to be any news from Laminar about a solution or have i missed something ? I hope we don't have to wait till 11.10 before this can be rectified, although  Laminar historically have been good to find solutions relatively quickly.
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Please see my recent post from earlier today. I have an iMac running High Sierra and X-Plane 11 with no issues.