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Hi guys,

I got a problem again. Everytime I want to switch to an external view, xplane 11 crashes. (it worked fine for months ..)

I hope you can help me.



(Crash Report and log.txt)


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Hi Mike,

Try and remove JarDesign ground handling plugin, see if it solves the problem.

If not, try and run x-plane while your generic desktop game controller is unplugged.

Make sure everything is up to date (plugins, drivers).

A workaround could be to delete (or move for backup)  the entire ...\x-plane 11\output\preferences folder.  You would have to set everything again, but it often miraculously solves issues.

Please report how you could solve it, tell us if you couldn't.

All the best with that,
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Hi Guillaume,

thanks for your answer.

I tried everything you mentioned, but nothing worked.

I removed GroundHandling, tried it without my Joystick, then updated my X52 driver and I removed the preferences folder (it crashed right after starting the flight).

It still crashes when I try to move to an external view.


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