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Good day!

I've noticed that I have some really weird exhaust textures off the engines of my MD-80.  I have loaded numerous custom scenery libraries (such as 3D_people, BS2001 Object, The Handy Object, The FAIB, The Fruit Stand, MisterX Library, OpenSceneryX and many more)...  I have never noticed if these issues were there before I loaded these scenery libraries before...

Has anyone experienced something similar to this before?

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I just tried with my old backup version of X-Plane (v11.15 instead of v11.26) with no mods or any extra scenery files (this version is like a fresh download) and the exhaust issue is still present...  :(

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Hey Jeff, Thanks for sending that in! With our upcoming v11.30 (coming soon!) update the exhaust system is getting a major overhaul with our new particles. That should fix this! Thanks!