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So I’ve tried to set views in memorise 3D cockpit location - no joy. And Control and hitting the number on the numpad also doesn’t work. I’m using a Satechi numpad... not sure it makes a difference. The numbers on the Mac keyboard also can’t set views.

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I was able to set up a quick look while using a Mac keyboard with built in num pad. It's possible it's the external numpad that doesn't work. Is it recognized elsewhere in the sim, and in the OS?
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Hi there,

Ive just bought a Mac keyboard with numpad and still not working! Reinstall xplane maybe?

External numpad works fine everywhere but xplane i believe.
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Ok Ive done a new install and that seemed to work. I can only set the views on the Mac keyboard (external) and then the Satechi will then follow the commands. Sometimes if I put in a command I have to reset the assigned keys and it seems to retain the ones I have put it and refreshes my ability to assign more. All a bit confusing really!