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I just purchased the Saitek Pro Rudder Pedals, which I have to use on XPlane 9 running on a Mac

The problem is, each pedal (left-right) activates one axis on the simulator, but you can assign the label “yaw” to just one axis.....  if you try to assign “yaw” to the axis commanded  by the other pedal too, the first one reverts to “none”!


In this way, I Just can use one pedal at a time!

Am  I doing some kind of mistake?  How can I assign both pedals to the “yaw” axis?

Please help me, even if I’m only a XP9 user.... I Bought XP10 too, but it runs slow on my old Mac....

Thank  you very much

Stefano Salis, Milan, Italy

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This is very strange. I have the same controller and everything is fine with it. Are you certain you are not pushing a brake axis instead of the yaw axis?

Every left and right brake axis is independent, whereas the peddles are coordinated on the yaw axis so that when you push one peddle forward (with your heel), the other one is pulled back and vice versa...

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Very useful....


Thank you Guillaime!