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Is there anything special I need to do prior to hooking up a SAITEK pro-flight yoke/throttle/rudder pedals with X-plane 10 on Windows 10?  My o/s is 100% up to date including the intel HD 5500 graphics driver.  Thanks. Larry

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The Saitek throttle quadrant that is packaged with the yoke, will not work as it has a PS2 style connector. X Plane likes only USB connectors.

X Plane has button assignment issues when a 3rd throttle quadrant is connected. You won't be able to assign any tasks to all buttons on all three of your quadrants.

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You shouldn't have any problems using your SAITEK gear if X-Plane is already working on your system. Make sure you calibrate the controls by following the instructions in the X-Plane manual.

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The only thing I would add is to use a powered hub - I had small probs with a few sims and my X-55 plus Cessna Style Rudder pedals until I connected them all through one. They work great with X-Plane (Saitek (Madcatz support are almost useless BTW).

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