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it's me, again. Cause my problem with switching to an external view wasn't solved, I decided to reinstall the whole simulator (download took 14 hours). Now I get the warning, mentioned above. The only folders I got are Custom Scenery, Global Scenery and Output. I can't even start the simulator.

I don't want to download the whole thing again...

Please help


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Hi again, Laminar Research strongly advises to first install with no scenery at all. That's only 7Gb instead of 70Gb to download and you can still test your simulator at KSEA or LOWI.

In your case, possibly, most of the scenery had already been downloaded, so I would just launch the installer again to update x-plane : every file will be checked in the process, so that your copy of X-plane can be completed and/or corrected.

Launch the installer as many times as required and tell us what you get.
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I tried it with the launcher several times. It shows, that just 1MB is missing.

But I always get the same failure...

Please help me :D

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I tried to read the log.txt and I found out, that one of the global scenery folders was damaged. I deleted it and run the installer again. Now it works fine.


Regards and thank you


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