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I have tried several times now to install the download of X-Plane 11 but keep getting the error message saying "The downloaded file has corrupt contents.)  See Capture 1. 

Clicking "Continue" does nothing although you do occasionally see a quick flash like it tried to do something very quickly. Hitting Cancel brings up a spinning wheel which eventually takes you to Capture 2, giving the option to go back or quit. 

Quit does not work at all.  Back takes you to where you enter the download key and does the install all over again with the same results. ------ Windows 10, Intel i5 6600K, GTX 960 SSC, 16GB RAM.

Trying to attach log but it won't let me.  Grrr.



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Embarrassed to say it, BUT, restarting my PC seemed to fix it. Installed fine after that.

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