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So I'm about to jump ship from FSX to X-Plane and celebrate with a new PC build for a 3 screen set up.

I'm planning on basing this around an i7 8700k but if there's an argument for more cores / memory lanes courtesy of something like the i7 7820x or even i9 7900x then I'd be grateful to hear about it before I make the jump.

Many thanks in advance...

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Hi, this will be a helpful video for you :

Always prefer Nvidia to AMD GPU.
Note that the more cores you have, the better x-plane 11 will become along the updates.

To me, money is more efficiently invested in the GPU than in the CPU, in terms of performance. Watercooling is strongly recommended to improve performance and extend life of heating elements.

Then it's a personal choice depending on your budget.

Guillaume (nor affiliated with Laminar Research)
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Thank you.

Nice rig btw.
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And also, X-plane doesn't take advantage of hyperthreading.
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(Speaking from experience.)  Go Nvidia all the way on the GPU I had an 8GB RX480 with i7-7700k @ 5.1GHz and I got reasonable performance on decent settings but then I swapped out to a GTX 1070 SC and made a big difference in terms of frame rate. Amelingu is also correct about the CPU, You still need a decent CPU but nothing super ridiculous.
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Defo sticking with Intel but may do some further digging re Vulcan b4 deciding on 6/8/10 core CPU route.

Thank you again.
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Vulkan even!
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I just built a new system.

I97900X OC'd to 4.7

Nvidia 1080ti 11gb

32gb ram ,

the parts that matter , and I have to say I am not all that impressed with performance gain over my 6 year old system in XP or P3d v4 ,I fly both .

I still have to keep my settings turned down somewhat to get a smooth render.

Overall its better than before ,but not what I was expecting.

P.S. I am running on thee screens at 1080P.
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Interesting, I plumbed for the i7 8700k (O/C 5.0) and rest the same as yours. Hopefully long overdue stability will be introduced shortly.