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Do you have a Cessna model 414 for any version of your software? A C414 flies differently than  a C414A model.



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I have been searching for a payware Chancellor also.  I only see this aircraft for FSX at present.
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Hi Joe and Captain Bob,

I am not from Laminar Research; just a flight simmer from downunder.

I am of the understanding and earlier readings your question has previously been asked in this forum regarding other types of aircraft being made available. 

From memory the response from Laminar Research is they are concentrating on developing the X-Plane software and not creating aircraft to be used with the software.  What is provided is basically all that will be provided.  It certainly will not happen for X-Plane 10 as all development work on this version ceased with version XP10.52 when XP11 was released.

This means a 3rd party developer or reseller would have to create the aircraft.  You may chose to have a look at the X-Plane.Org website which has freeware and donationware aircraft created by other flight simmers and also payware aircraft from commercial interests.  This site has no connection with Laminar and is dedicated for the benefit of X-Plane flight simmers.

Should you want a definative answer from Laminar then make contact at [email protected]

Good luck in finding your aircraft.