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Gleim has produced a popular turnkey sim. but seems to not have access to any Cirrus SR22 software.  I want that for both the G1000 and Avidyne G2 Cirrus has used.

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Hi CSIP269,

I am not from Laminar Research; just a flight simmer from down under.

You are in the wrong forum asking your question.  This forum is part of Laminar Research's overall site found at and is dedicated to those flight simmers having problems using X-Plane.  Not development problems.

Laminar does not market third party add-on aircraft.  Any aircraft made available is what is available with the X-Plane software.  If you want 3rd party software or information regarding add-on software then support which is a dedicated site just for X-Plane users.  There is no connection between Laminar and  Totally different businesses.

If Laminar did have a copy of the software or information contained in the software it would be for their own benefit and having had personal contact with Laminar staff I am quite convinced they would not reveal 3rd party information.

Why not ask your question with the developers of the aircraft you are seeking.  It won't be in this forum.

Good luck