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I purchased the Logitech Pro Flight Sys. in June, 2017.  Haven't flown yet because I can't get the throttle to respond properly yet.  I have followed all the instructions on both the x-plane program and the Saitek site.  I have calibrated  all the equipment many times to no avail. ( I am using a 2.0  power usb hub that is recommended  for  the Saitek  add-ons. )  In fact, I can't even get the flaps to work either.  They are always at FULL.    So, as a result, hard to get off the ground.  When I advance the throttle, on the monitor, you can watch the throttle stutter, if you will, as it tries to reach FULL (which it never does) 50% is the best it gets IN ALL PLANES.  As I throttle back to stop the engine, on screen, it stutters and stays where it is, 50%.  Calibrate again.  Nothing.  In fact, I have disconnected the yoke and throttle sys from the mix and only used the key pad.  F1 and F2 does't work either, nor do the flaps. And yes, I have started the program many, many times after making changes.   EVERY THING else works as it should, as far as I can tell.  

Then I decided to delete and reinstall x-plane.  I bought x-plane on Steam.  After x-plane was re-installed, there was  no change. Except now the C172 is black in the icon, (now what ?)  Every thing  else mentioned above remained the same.  

Any Ideas? I need to fly. I have a new computer with tons of space and running three monitors.


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