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I’m on Windows 10, 64 bit.

I built a cockpit using 9 instrument panels 2 radios, switch panel  and auto pilot.

I download the latest plug in from logitech.

Problem is: when I start X plane the instruments come and go. They work but not stable. I get black screen and they the screen appear back.

Is this problem of computer resources? I need another plug in that I didn’t installed? Does X-plane have limitation with the amount of USB devices?

Any suggestion/help will be great appreciated.



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X-Plane had a limit of 10 devices. I believe in the 11.10 update we are increasing that to 20. I believe this plugin is required to use Saitek panels with X-Plane.

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Thank you for the answer.

I download the file but I'm not sure I understand the instruction and I will appritiate some guidelines.

Do I copy/Paste the entire folder Xsaitekpanels and place it in Resources/Plugins folder and that it?

what about theremaining files.

I'm reading the menuel and cant find any guidelines.

please advise.

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Hi Meir,

The following youtube video link may be of some help as well.

The presenter is Michael Brown from XForce PC, the recommended X-PLane PC supplier in the USA  by Laminar Research.  Consider the content ie information about the need for a powered USB hub to be able to run/operate multiple instruments.  The link is at

Hope this also helps