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I seem to be missing images for rad textures. I have completed several updates and the files have not been restored. See in the attached image the highlighted blocks of white. Is there way to find the complete list of files that should be in the directory?

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Hi, when installing an ortho photo scenery, default overlay is not displayed anymore. You can either restore the default x-plane overlay thanks to ortho4xp, and place it in custom scenery. make sure you set your overlay with a higher priority than the your ortho scenery. Either by editing the scenery_packs.ini or naming your overlay properly and deleting scenery_ packs.ini.

You can also install a custom overlay. Simheaven provides very good overlay sceneries, made with W2XP.

More details here :

And here :
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It looks like you don't use an overlay. Install overlay, use either the default one or w2xp. And don't know how to take screenshots, you can barely see anything.