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I've already got a xplane10 north america regional version in 2 dvd for my macbook pro and I got a dvd drive to run it. It runs perfectly at first which is the version 10.05, then I wanted to get a Jar-design A330 and I realized that it requires the 10.35 or later version so I update it to the current version which is 10.42 and I find it doesn't run very well the simulator sometimes get stuck. So I uninstall it and I install it again to the 10.05 version and it runs perfectly. And I update it again and it stuck again. So I guessed I had to use it in the 10.05 version, so I took it. Then  recently I find that my dvd drive is not working at all so now I'm thinking about getting the digital version, but i'm still afraid that it will not run well on my macbook pro so my question is that If I purchase a xplane digital version can i download it on muntiple pc to run it just in case it doesn't run well? 

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You can install X-Plane on multiple computers. As long as you are not trying to run it on both at the same time using the same digital download product key, it should not cause any problems. 

If you are not sure if X-Plane will run on a new or different computer, try downloading the demo on that computer. Only the latest version of X-Plane is available as a demo so you would install 10.42. It has all the same features as the full digital download version, except a 15 min time limit and scenery only at KSEA airport.

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Oh I got you thank you very much!!