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Cursor very sluggish responding to mouse movements. All aircraft affected. Especially difficult to program the FMC. This only seems to occur when running X-Plane 11.05 under Mac High Sierra (OSX 10.13.1)

Other Notes:

1) No cursor issue observed running X-Plane 11.05 under previous Sierra (OSX 10.12.6) but X-Plane is the only application that appears to have this issue running High Sierra(OSX 10.13.1). Also, NO observed low fps as some have reported.

2) Used Apple mouse to rule out reported compatibility issues with Logitech mouse.

3) Running Mac Pro (Mid 2010), 3.46 GHz 6-Core Intel Xeon, 24 GB Memory, Radeon RX 470 4GB

Tags - x-plane 11, mac os x, cursor hesitation

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Slow response to the mouse sounds like it might be a frame rate issue. Try turning down the rendering options to see if that helps. Here is a video on setting rendering for individual machines.