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I have two computers networked with two licensed copies of X-Plane, one running each computer. I am having issues syncing the master with the external visuals. All settings are correct and can sync sometimes instantly without issues and other times not sync at all no matter what I do.

Is there a preferred sequence or instructions on how to start this process reliably each time? For example I know using x-camera, this has to be disabled on the external visuals and enabled on the master for the computers to sync. Are there other quirks or requirements?

Thanks in advance for any help that can be provided.


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I would make sure you start a flight on both computers before setting up networking. If it's left on in your preferences when you quit, I would expect it to resume once you start flights. Entering an IPv6 address might not be working so I would also recommend using the drop down to set up networking, rather than manually entering the IP address. 

If it is reproducibly dropping the connection, please file a bug here. Include the log.txt for both machines and try to be as specific as possible how you set it up and encounter the not syncing issue.

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Thanks jroberts, I will try your suggestion. What you are saying is to let the program load as a master on each computer until completed then configure networking correct?

I have been typically setting up networking on both computers at the "start a new flight-resume flight-etc" screen and it can be hit or miss. It seems that doing it that way I need to get both computers to load completely then exit xplane and start again repeating the process. Typically after the third restart I can get the network sync. Maybe something is hung up in there from a previous flight?

Once I have the connection sync established Xplane has worked flawlessly without drops. The only issue I do have on the external visuals computer is some micro stutters. The frame rates are typically 30-40 fps on the external visuals and 60-70 on the master. No stutters on the master. I tried all settings but micro stutters persist on the external visuals computer.

If there are any tweaks you recommend to alleviate the micro stutters please advise otherwise thank you for the help!

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Yes, I would not be surprised if there are issues if one computer has a flight loaded and the other one doesn't yet--there's no flight information to transmit in that case.

No matter when you set up networking, once you start flights on both computers I would expect the syncing to match up, because there's data to send/receive from each flight now.