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We built a simulator that is heading to the Dubai airshow.  We have multiple situations saved which we recall in the demo with shortcut buttons (for instance: on runway, in cruise, 10nm from runway) .  If the user crashes the airplane and we press a situation shortcut, we find that there is zero throttle response (like the engines are off).  We saved the situations with engines on at a reasonable throttle.  It seems to be only occurring on the T-6A Texan II by David Austin.  I've checked the "edit failures" screen and there are usually no visible failures, although I have seen engine fire listed before.  I have looked at the model in plane maker and can't find anything obvious which would cause this.  I have tried it on two different PCs with the same result.  Is this possibly a glitch or am I doing something wrong, and is there something I might try to fix it?  Ideally, we want a solution which doesn't require use of the keyboard or mouse, and instead after a plane crash we can press one of the buttons assigned to a situation and it works (like it does with other aircraft models).  This is X-Plane 11 V11.10B5 (with professional HASP key) and aircraft model T-6A Texan II by David Austin.

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