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I bought today the digital copy of X-plane 11. Download was unbelievable slowly. with my 30 Mbps connection it took 12 hours, with 300 - 500 kBs speed. When it came to "finishing up" I got error message, that the download is not possible, and that I have to check the internet connection! Sometimes it switch to something about "last 50 second" etc.

I don't have any clue, what is the problem, my internet connection is perfectly. If the download and install will not be OK, I will my money back!

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Hi, the advice, especially if your connection is slow, would be to install no scenery at first. You will have 10Gb to download instead of 70.

You don't need to uninstall X-plane, you can run the installer again and it will keep downloading where it stopped.
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My connectivity is 30 MB DL/ 20 MB UL. Slow it is on their side.
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It mainly depends on where you live. Can your internet speed test measure 4Mbytes/second? It's the maximum you could get with a 30Mbits/second connecivity.
But again, it's always good to install the scenery only when you have checked the sim base is properly running.
Also, if you want more help from Laminar Research, you should include the installer log.txt that is saved on your desktop.

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