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 Hi I just bought X Plane 11 digital code and I tried to install it. However it showed me an error message "Error contacting the authorization server: Problem with the SSL CA cert (path? access rights?)". I tried to download it with deactivating firewall but it still doesn't work.

I'll also post the Installer Log


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Also, your errors in your installer log are VERY similar to mine. Where it says WARNING we are missing the textures and about checkerboard png and about access rights.
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Can you open the command prompt window & type


then hit the enter key. What does it print on the screen?

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Yea Im having a similar type of issue when Im trying to do the new update. It keeps saying "The technical problem was: Permission denied. Perhaps you don't have access to a directory or file system". I can't figure it out. I contacted support and they said to change my Mac user to read and write. Everything appears to be fine but clearly its not.
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The DRM certificate is broken due to the special characters in the temporary file path name. We are looking into this now and will let you know a fix or a work around.