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When I fly into or start at KHAF (Half Moon Bay) using default scenery in X-Plane 11.05 the airport is has no 3d buildings. When I download the latest version from gateway site it has 3d buildings. This 3d airport according to gateway was accepted 07/12/2015. This issue is also repeated when opening the default apt.dat in WED (no buildings) and downloading the latest version into WED (has 3d buildings). Is this an error with default scenery or has KHAF recently been updated and gateway not reflecting this update?

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For me the default airport is loaded properly with 3D buildings, on default X-plane 11.05r2.

Confirm you can find the folder ...X-plane 11\Custom scenery\global airports?
That's where all the default 3D airport layout is saved.

Anyway, my advise would be to run again the installer to update x-plane. The missing or corrupted files would be downloaded again.

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Thanks for that it was the default airports missing. A quick download and sorted KHAF even works in WT3.