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I have installed macos high sierra and are using x-plane 10, 10.51

since download all controls on any plane has white square when using mouse pointer,

anyone know how to restore the original arrows and pointers when highlighting a flight control,


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Hi, This is easy. just go to system preferences, open accessibility go to display and increase the size of your mouse pointer by one increment.

Your welcome.
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Well done rleclare. Thank you now I can get back to unhindered flying.
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Your welcome friend, I thought my sim was ruined when High Sierra updated. It took a few days to figure it out but that's all it is.

I hope everyone gets the word.
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Hi, in the menu "About/Instructions",

Make sure none of the 2 boxes are ticked :

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Thanks Amelingu

But where are these instructions. I have the same problem but for the life of me I can't find this anywhere.

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Hi, As I said, in the menu "About/Instructions".

The menu bar appears when you move the mouse cursor to the top of the screen.

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Hi Amelingu. Thanks for the response. These boxes highlight a flight control that can be adjusted and on my computer they highlight in a green colour. I have tried switching these boxes on and off but no change, still have a white box instead of the hand or arrow symbol when attempting to change a setting or click a button. Any help further to this would be appreciated. Thanks again. Kevin.
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Indeed, I suspected it might not be the answer.

Does it solve the problem if you revert to default settings? To do this, delete (or move for backup) the entire ...\X-Plane 10\Output\Preferences folder.
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Hi. I have tried deleting the preferences folder but unfortunately no change.