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X-Plane 8 on original disc (bought by me a while back) loads all files but fails to run on DELL Optiplex (Intel Core i5/ 8 gb RAM/ 500 gb storage/ WINDOWS 7 PRO 64 bit.  

Will it ever run under Windows 7 Pro 64 bit?

Will a later version of X-Plane on DVD run on my DELL computer?

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Hi John,

I respectfully suggest you retire the XP8 version.  Your PC is 64 bit and I am of the opinion that XP8 is 32 bit and is possibly causing an immediate conflict.

On my system I run Windows 7 Home version.

Most of the specs you list will allow you to run a more current version of XP.  You haven't indicated what your graphics card is.  To run XP you now need a dedicated graphics card.  Go for a Nvidia card for better performance.

I would suggest you have a look at the main answer I gave at the following link  Although it relates to a laptop you could consider the same information for your computer ie check the specifications and then try the demo.

Hope this helps.


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Thanks.  Advice really helps.  Will get later version of X-Plane to match my 'new' gaming computer.