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Just tried installing X-Plane 11 on my Windows 7 OS.  It said X-Plane 11 was incompatible with my computer. It is Windows 7 32-bit.  Is X-Plane 11 only 64-bit?  I looked for 32-bit version but didn't find it.  Do I need a newer computer that has 64-bit OS? How about X-Plane 10, or 9 ,or 8? Would any of those versions run on my 32-bit OS?

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Hi great plains,

I am not with Laminar Research; just a flight simmer.

The same type of question was asked a few days back.  Have a look at the answer provided by jennifer (jroberts) from Laminar Research at

XP11 is only 64 bit.  I wouldn't go back to XP9.  I understand XP8 is no longer available.  You will need to purchase from the LR site.

Before you purchase check your PC meets the minimum requirements and hopefully will meet the recommended requirements for a better performance.  The requirements can be found at

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